Map of India


India Map of Delhi, Metro, Rajasthan, Noida, Bihar

Maps play an integral part in anyone’s journey, with many choices like GPS, internet browsing facilities via mobiles, etc… still maps stand for their vivid quality and orientation details.

Maps could be taken in the form of printout, it is also available in the form of pocket maps type that could be used very handy, even maps are available to explain bus routes too. A GPS can give you the details that are marked by you, but maps can direct you and teach even the unknown routes to you, which makes a huge difference!

Live Maps

You could search in the internet for the live portrayal of the various maps in India, which consists of maps of almost all the categories, like road maps, rail network maps, physical maps, geographical outline maps, etc… thus if you have a question regarding the national highways in the country, you could better check the road maps, pertaining to the specific category of national highways, which in turn provides you the details of listed national highways in the country. there are plenty of such websites available in the internet database, and could be accessed even when you are traveling, all you need is internet connection. You could also get the details of railways from the authenticated government railways official website, which indeed provides a detailed direction maps for every state, metro cities, districts, etc…. you could also trace the connecting rail routes form one city to the other. Likewise live maps are available for national highways (roads), intercity road routes, and even maps with detailed directional road routes, etc… Such tools would be really helpful, especially when you got to struck up with an unexpected moment during your journey, if you a tourists to the country, then these become mandatory tools to carry with, be it any country for that matter!

Satellite Maps

The satellite maps provided by Google could be acclaimed to be the most widely used tool in the world. Wherever you might ought to go, you could check in for the direction details in the satellite maps, the significant feature of this map is that it does locate your destination via satellite, hence you could literally see the place for details like how does it look, nearest landmarks, buildings infrastructure, etc… this might help you in spotting the place with not much efforts. The efforts taken by Google to accomplish this concept is phenomenal, they do take pictures of the place, and try to correlate with the pictures in the satellites location images, this makes it an unique option in finding the routes, well you could get the direction details as well. All you have to do is to type in the starting location, and the destination details, immediately within the click of a moment you would be getting the direction details of your journey, along with the miles calculation, besides orientation explanation. The concept of GPS would have been burgeoned from the awesome repercussions of the such satellite maps. There are many services available in the internet regarding satellite maps, but Google’s been considered unique and special though!


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